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Important notice! Due to the outbreak of the Coronovirus some audio description events may be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Please ensure you stay safe and well during these difficult times.

Mind's Eye News 2021

Happy New Year/Lockdown

Well, we audio-described three of the nine shows,
For which we’d recently been booked,
Michael worked on Liverpool’s Christmas Carol,
Whilst off to Norwich, myself I took.
Mick had nine people attending,
Five listeners to the AD;
I loved both my shows at the Theatre Royal.
And listeners had I three.
I think that’s it for the time being
For anything that’s live,
The focus is to stay Covid-free
And make sure we all survive.
If you have access to the internet
There are a few things online

Orchestra playing at Home Manchester

Camerata concerts recorded at Home,
With audio intros, if you have time.
Lip Service’s latest show
Is the wonderful Chateau Ghoul
With audio description by a Georgian ghost -
That’s me, in case you were fooled!

A scene from Chateau Ghoul

Rebels of Extinction on January 28th
Shows the truth behind the world of fashion,
As part of Manchester International Festival,
It’s made with wit and with passion.
We’ve not had the greatest start to the year,
But we hope that later it will bring
Lots of audio-description to theatres and galleries,
So we can meet up, in the Spring!

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