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A full calendar of events for you to enjoy over the coming months

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Be prepared to enjoy Mind’s Eye services

Customers should check with the Box Office or Mind’s Eye for further details.

  • Mind's Eye Touch Tours & Handling Sessions

    Touch-tours & introductions

    Most theatre performances will include a touch-tour about 90 minutes before the performance. Places must be booked in advance. The introduction to the show will be delivered through headsets, giving a description of the visual aspects of the performance. Please take your seats at least 15 minutes before the show begins to listen in.

  • Mind's Eye Audio Guides and Brochures

    Reserve your headset

    Please reserve your headsets for described performances in advance. You can access contact details for venues across the UK in order to help you make the necessary reservation.

  • Mind's Eye Audio Guides and Brochures

    Audio brochures

    Audio brochures available for most theatres, including the Octagon, The Royal Exchange and Theatre by the Lake. Please contact the venue for more information.

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